7 Questions to Ask at Your Next Prenatal Appointment

As an expectant parent, you put a lot of trust in your obstetrician.  You expect that your doctor will take care of you and your baby through pregnancy, labor and delivery, because the alternative is unthinkable.  If your doctor does not take reasonable care with regard to your care then you baby could suffer a preventable birth injury.

While it is your physician’s responsibility to provide you with adequate medical care, you might want to ask the following questions of your doctor to help put your mind at ease prior to delivery:

  1.  Will you take an ultrasound during the last weeks of pregnancy to estimate the baby’s size?  At what estimated weight would you recommend a C-Section?
  2. Will you allow me to deliver a breech baby vaginally?
  3. Under what circumstances will you use a vacuum extraction?  Have you done them before?
  4. Under what circumstances will you use forceps?  Have you used them before?
  5. How long will you let me labor without performing a C-section?
  6. How will you monitor the baby for possible distress during labor?
  7. If you order a medically necessary C-Section during labor, how long does it typically take from that time until the baby is delivered?

Many Birth Injuries are Preventable

According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, approximately one half of U.S. birth injuries are preventable.  If your child suffered a preventable birth injury, please contact our Pennsylvania birth injury lawyers to discuss your case and potential recovery.

The above is a guest post by Pennsylvania birth injury lawyer Stephen J. Pokiniewski, Jr., an experienced birth injury lawyer and partner at Anapol Schwartz.