4 Pennsylvania Abortion Clinics Closed Due to Unlicensed Nurses and other Violations

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Department of Health required Steven Chase Brigham to shut down four abortion clinics in the state of Pennsylvania.  The Department of Health found that Dr. Brigham’s clinics were employing unlicensed caregivers who were acting as nurses.  Dr. Brigham has a chain of 15 abortion clinics including the 4 in Pennsylvania, 6 in New Jersey and 5 in other states.  The Pennsylvania clinics were located in Pittsburgh, Erie, Allentown and State College.

American Women’s Services, the abortion clinics owned by Brigham, do approximately 3600 abortions a year in the state.   The order issued by the Department of Health permanently prevents Brigham, and any organization in which he has a controlling interest, from operating abortion clinics in Pennsylvania in the future.

Dr. Brigham is a graduate of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.  He was licensed to practice medicine in 6 states, including Pennsylvania.  Dr. Brigham agreed to permanently give up his Pennsylvania license in 1992 in a confidential settlement with the state after an investigation of one of his clinics.